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Steps Configure SBCGlobal Email in Outlook

Emailing services are great for communication with one another, it is widely used across countries, but another thing that is quite sorted after is the communication among different platforms. People communicate through different platforms, so people are always curious about Sbcglobal outlook settings as these two are great platforms. There are numerous people who like to talk to one another for personal and professional reasons, these two platforms called outlook and Sbcglobal are best suited for this purpose. Sbcglobal is now owned by att email service, at the same time Microsoft brought out Outlook and these two are amazing services to work with. So, it is only natural for people to want to know about, how to set up email on outlook?

How to set up Outlook with Sbcglobal?

In this section, you will let you know all about email settings and how to set it up with Outlook.

  • First and foremost, go to your Outlook platform or app and perhaps move to the “Account Information” and then tap on the “add an account” option.

  • Then on the auto account page, you must write your SBCGlobal email and then you must enter the password and tap on the “Next” option, perhaps click on the “finish” option.

For the starting manual to set up the outlook, you have to write details, namely incoming server or an outgoing server detail for your sbcglobal email login. Also, you need to write a San SSL setting for your SBCGlobal account.

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