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Why I Can't Log In To Yahoo Mail On My PC

Not being able to login to your email account is one of the worst feelings that any email user can feel. If you are a yahoo user and are struggling due to Yahoo email login problems, then you have come to the right place.

Reasons for facing Login Issues on Yahoo

  • When you do not clear the cache or cookies for a long time in your browser.

  • The server might be down, in such case wait patiently; once it is fixed it will automatically work without any error.

  • In case if you have a problem with your web browser, you may end up with an error in your email login.

  • If you do not install the latest update on your web browser this may also be the cause for the issue.

  • Check whether you have a strong internet connection.

These are the few reasons why you ‘Can’t sign in to Yahoo mail.

How to Fix this Issue?

Method 1 Ensure that you have entered the correct credential information:

  • Check whether you have entered the email address and password correctly without any error.

  • Look, you have turned on the Caps Lock in the place it needed to be turned on.

  • If you have changed the password recently and you have set to remember passwords; in this case, you will have to reenter the new password.

Method 2 reset a new password:

  • In case you forgot your password, go to the yahoo mail sign in login page and then click on the forgotten password. Then follow the on-screen instructions that display on your screen.

Tip: While setting a new password, type a strong password that no one can guess but you can remember in future.

Method 3 Yahoo Sign helper

  • If you have locked your account by trying to login several times, then you will have to wait for 12 hrs.

  • Yet you can sign in via yahoo sign helper if you want to access urgently. So for that you must have a recovery email address or phone number and enter the code to access.

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