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How to Fix Outlook Sync Errors?

If you are facing sync errors between your Outlook and Gmail email accounts then, it can be very problematic as it is very important that you sync the accounts with each other. There can be many reasons for Gmail and Outlook not syncing, but it is important that you know the different methods that will help you in fixing the issue on your computer.

Methods to fix sync issues between Gmail and Outlook

There are some simple solutions that you can use to fix the syncing issues that are happening with your Gmail and Outlook emails. So make sure to read the methods given by us here carefully and then use them.

Method 1: See if the OST file is synchronized

The first thing you need to do is to see if the OST i.e the offline folder and MES are synchronized with each other or not. If the Microsoft Exchange server and OST are not synchronized correctly then, you will not be able to sync the email services.

Method 2: Change the Profile settings

If outlook is not syncing with Gmail then, you need to change the profile settings of your Outlook and Gmail email accounts so that the folders of your Outlook email account are perfectly synced. Make sure that the profile settings are correct so that you can sync the email services.

Method 3: Re-synchronize Outlook folders

If you re-synchronize the folders of your outlook account then, this account can be resolved very easily. You can very easily re-synchronize them from the settings of the outlook account.

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